Fun Fact: Religion of the Darwin Family

While Charles Darwin’s scientific research conflicted with the stories of the Abrahamic creation, his family were mostly Unitarians. The classical Unitarian church in a 19th century England basically rejected the idea of the Holy Trinity among other views. His grandfather Erasmus Darwin doubted much of the Bible, and joked that Unitarianism was “a feather-bed toContinue reading “Fun Fact: Religion of the Darwin Family”

Fun Fact: The Greek Philosopher Who Almost Discovered Evolution

The ancient Greek philosopher Anaximander may have lived many centuries before Charles Darwin, but he gave the world the earliest known thoughts on evolution. While most of his ideas were later proven inaccurate by modern evolutionary studies, he is admired for being the first known person to use evidence and logic to explain mankind’s originContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Greek Philosopher Who Almost Discovered Evolution”

Fun Fact: What Charles Darwin’s Grandfather Contributed To Evolution

Charles Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus Darwin was not only a doctor, but a poet who often wrote about science. His most notable work Zoonomia included ideas such as common ancestry of animals. While his ideas at the time could of been dismissed as philosophy, his grandson would later expand on these ideas in the theory ofContinue reading “Fun Fact: What Charles Darwin’s Grandfather Contributed To Evolution”