Klaus (2019 Film) Review

I heard about Klaus in either November or October as Netflix suggested it to me before it came out. It is a Netflix Original movie and now that they’re “at war” with Disney+, a good Christmas classic is something they need. I haven’t seen many Christmas movies in the recent batch of years, so IContinue reading “Klaus (2019 Film) Review”

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983 Mini-Film) Review

Now that I have Disney+, I decided to catch up on some of their Christmas films I’ve missed. This one isn’t a major movie, but a small (under thirty minutes) film which I assume was aired on TV back in the early 1980’s, about half a decade before I was even born. I’ve seen theContinue reading “Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983 Mini-Film) Review”

Noelle (2019 Film) Review

With the launch of Disney+, they don’t just draw from a massive well of former Disney movies/show plus all Star Wars and Marvel films, but like their rival Netflix, they’re committed to Original Content. Noelle has some pretty familiar faces (like its star Anna Kendrick) and silver-screen production values, so this does seem like it’sContinue reading “Noelle (2019 Film) Review”

Fun Fact: Christkind

In the United States during Christmas, kids believe in the gift-giving Santa Claus, but did you know that the Jolly red man isn’t the only gift giver in town……or the world? In Austria, Germany and a few other countries many kids believe in Christkind, a blonde angel who was actually promoted by Martin Luther toContinue reading “Fun Fact: Christkind”