Fun Fact: Secular Christmas

While Christmas is celebrated by Christians as the birthday for Jesus Christ, many of the traditions such as Christmas trees and presents (which were borrowed from pre-Christian European festivals) is also celebrated by non-Christians. Because of this (in America anyway) Christmas can be celebrated in public schools without violating the separation of church and state.

Ernest Saves Christmas (1988 Film) Review

Ernest movies may have never been the greatest critical hits, but the lovable character of Ernest P. Worrell has kept them from being forgettable. I don’t recall ever seeing Ernest Saves Christmas when I was little but if I did I have totally forgotten it. It certainly felt like a new Christmas movie to me.Continue reading “Ernest Saves Christmas (1988 Film) Review”

Christmas Vacation (1989 Film) Review

I had seen the original Vacation movie and Vegas Vacation many years ago, but I had never seen the Christmas sequel. I thought the other two movies were really funny, but for some reason I never saw this Christmas classic until now. The movie is yet again another adventure of the Griswold family, and unlikeContinue reading “Christmas Vacation (1989 Film) Review”

The Polar Express (2004 Film) Review

When I was in elementary school in the 1990s, I do fondly remember reading the 1985 book The Polar Express. I do also recall when the movie came out in 2004, but at the time I wasn’t terribly interested. The book was fairly short, and a real film seemed like a terrible idea. But yearsContinue reading “The Polar Express (2004 Film) Review”

The Search for Santa Paws (2010 Film) Review

I liked Air Bud back in the day (oddly enough this is considered part of the series), so I was willing to see if this one could impress me. The movie is a prequel (I learned that before I watched it) to Disney’s Santa Buddies. The movie starts out at the North Pole where SantaContinue reading “The Search for Santa Paws (2010 Film) Review”