Things I Like: The Wicker Man (1973 Film)

Need a perfect Halloween movie? Look none other than The Wicker Man. Not the remake but the 1973 British original. It’s not scary in the traditional sense, there’s not any blood or gore, but it does seem more Stephen King than Wes Craven. The movie stars a police officer looking for a missing girl. HeContinue reading “Things I Like: The Wicker Man (1973 Film)”

The Last Unicorn (1982 Film) Review

The Last Unicorn is a film I came upon by chance. I’m a big fan of Jeff Bridges, and I heard about this film because he voices a fairly important character in it along with the awesome Christopher Lee. That being said, I was never a big fan of the whole unicorn thing, and asContinue reading “The Last Unicorn (1982 Film) Review”