Fun Fact: The Interesting Thing About The Colorado River and the Latino Population

Tge Colorado River spans about 8% of the continental United States in total geography and a third of all Latino people living in the United States live somewhat along the basin.

Fun Fact: The Namesake of Pike’s Peak

One of the most notable mountains of the Colorado Rockies, Pike’s Peak was named after American Explorer Zebulon Pike. He originally named it “Highest Peak.”

Things I Like: South Park The Movie (1999 Film)

South Park made big waves when it first landed on TVs but the movie was a pretty big deal for the time. I didn’t get to see until a few years afterwards when I rented it at Blockbuster. I recently re-watched it the other day. The story wasn’t the greatest but they didn’t make it…

Fun Fact: When Colorado Bragged About No Shark Attacks

Since Colorado doesn’t border the ocean, your chances of being attacked by a shark is only limited to falling inside a tank at the aquarium. Governor Jared Polis tweeted about Colorado’s zero shark attack record.