(Not So) Fun Fact: Human Chimpanzee Hybrid Experiment

A Soviet scientist in the 1920s tried to create a human chimpanzee hybrid known as a humanzee. They contacted a chimpanzee owner in Cuba and wanted her male chimpanzees to try their luck on human females but his offer was ultimately refused. China did a very similar experiments in the 1960s as well but obviously…

Fun Fact: Vladimir Putin’s Paternal Grandfather

Vladimir Putin’s paternal grandfather was a man named Spiridon Putin. He grew up in Imperial Russia and learned how to become a cook. One of his first notable achievements was impressing Grigori Rasputin. He later became the personal chef for Vladimir Lenin and occasionally cooked for Joseph Stalin.

Fun Fact: The Russian Peasant Who Just Wanted Beets

During World War I’s peace talks, the new Soviet Union went to represent Russia. They wanted to bring various people to represent the country besides politicians. They forgot to include a peasant, whom they found at the last minute. Luring him with the promise of beets, he had no idea he’d be in the same…

(Not So) Fun Fact: How Badly Soviets Recognized Holocaust Victims

While the Red Army did liberate and care for many of the survivors of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, Soviet newspapers often neglected to mention that many of the victims were Jewish. While soft compared to what happened in Germany, anti-Semitism was still a very real reality in the Soviet Union.