Fun Fact: The Original Name of Jack the Ripper

The English serial killer Jack the Ripper’s original moniker was the Whitechapel Murderer (after the area in London where his victims were slain) or “Leather Apron.” The name Jack the Ripper came from a letter to the local police, made famous in the newspapers. Though many believe that letter was not from the real JackContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Original Name of Jack the Ripper”

Outlander (TV Series) Season 3 Review

One of the television series I’ve been watching recently is Outlander. I’ve heard about it for years but I ignored it for quite a number of seasons. Now that the whole series is basically on Netflix now, I can actually watch it without subscribing to Starz. I’ve enjoyed it so far, but what did IContinue reading “Outlander (TV Series) Season 3 Review”