Fun Fact: Why Quebec Speaks French

Despite the nation of Canada originally being a part of the British Empire, most of the eastern lands of Canada once belonged to France. The land (along with parts in the modern-day United States) were part of a colony known as New France. After the Seven Years’ War, France let Great Britain annex all ofContinue reading “Fun Fact: Why Quebec Speaks French”

Fun Fact: Matilda of Flanders

When William Duke of Normandy wanted to marry Matilda of Flanders, it is said she took the marriage proposal as an insult. William was an illegitimate bastard who luckily got his father’s role as duke while she was a high-born grand-daughter of the French monarch King Robert II. Luckily for her she did marry WilliamContinue reading “Fun Fact: Matilda of Flanders”

Fun Fact: When William the Conqueror’s Eldest Son Was Denied England

Robert Curthose was the eldest son of William the Conqueror. Usually when a king dies, his eldest son would become king, but after a disastrous relationship with his father and brothers, he only got the Duchy of Normandy. His younger brother William got the throne of England instead but later died (probably murdered) and hisContinue reading “Fun Fact: When William the Conqueror’s Eldest Son Was Denied England”