Video Game History: Warioware (GBA)

Wario has been Mario’s rival ever since his debut in Super Mario Land 2 on Gameboy. In 2003, Nintendo decided to make-over Wario, and give him a brand-new and somewhat bizarre series. The game ended up being Warioware which featured not mini-games but “micro-games”. What’s the difference between mini-games and microgames? Well they only lastsContinue reading “Video Game History: Warioware (GBA)”

Video Game History: Super Monkey Ball Jr. (GBA)

In 2002, Sega and THQ came out with Super Monkey Ball Jr., the first portable game in the series. I was a big fan of the first two games on Gamecube, but I never got to play it myself. But I have admit, for the Gameboy Advance’s limitations the graphics are pretty good. Especially theContinue reading “Video Game History: Super Monkey Ball Jr. (GBA)”

Video Game History: Play-Yan MP3 Player

The Play-Yan was an accessory for the Nintendo DS as well as Gameboy Advance that allowed you to play MP3 songs. It plugged in an SD card into a GBA cart, and plugged in on any system that could play GBA games. Though it flopped in Japan, at the time I really wanted one. MP3Continue reading “Video Game History: Play-Yan MP3 Player”

Video Game History: Yoshi Tech Demo (GBA)

Yoshi Demo was a tech demo shown off for Gameboy Advance. The game appeared to be based off Yoshi’s Story For N64 with notable differences. Them being the game is more zoomed in, the graphics are little nicer, and the game is completely mute…. Well that’s why they call them “tech demos” don’t they? I’mContinue reading “Video Game History: Yoshi Tech Demo (GBA)”

Video Game History: Earthbound 64 (Mother 3 Beta)

Earthbound was a fan-favorite hit from the SNES. So fans were hoping for a sequel on Nintendo’s next system, the N64. Fans were teased with an early view of Earthbound 64. It apparently had very good graphics back in the day and looked pretty promising. Granted I guess it was somewhat okay they let theContinue reading “Video Game History: Earthbound 64 (Mother 3 Beta)”