Fun Fact: Name Restrictions in Iceland

New parents in Iceland must get personal approval by a government committee if they choose to give their child a “new” name. If a child is named something outside the approved list (over 1,700 names for boys, and over 1,800 names for girls) then it is given consideration as long as it fits Icelandic spellingContinue reading “Fun Fact: Name Restrictions in Iceland”

Fun Fact: The Country Without a Military

Iceland is a very small country near the Nordic region. It however is one of the few countries with no local defense of any kind. No tax dollars goes to fund the Icelandic army, because there is none. They have a police sure, but knowing if someone had the dumb idea to attack a tinyContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Country Without a Military”

Fun Fact: Surnames in Iceland

In Iceland, there are usually no traditional family names like the American equivalents such as “Smith” or “Miller”. Instead a person’s last name is usually determined by a person’s father and sometimes the mother. For example famous Icelandic singer Björk is the daughter of a man named Guðmundur, so her last name is Guðmundsdóttir meaningContinue reading “Fun Fact: Surnames in Iceland”