Fun Fact: A Daughter Named Hell?

Fun facts about Norse mythology hela Iceland

An Icelandic couple in 2017 wanted to name their daughter Hel (which inspired the English word hell) after the Norse goddess Hela. Iceland actually approves or rejects all names in the country and denied the parents.

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  1. Theresa says:

    At least someone in that country has some sense. Can you imagine doing that to your child? My newphew’s middle name is Joseph but my sister had it all kinds of stupid spelled. When my mom took custody the judge was like wtf is this spelling!? I’m changing it to the normal spelling on his birth certificate. No objections here. Gotta love a judge with common sense and the ability to override stupid LOL!


  2. I’m surprised it was denied. Lots of people in Iceland receive the names of gods and goddesses. For example, Thor is a very popular name there.


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