Fun Fact: The Friendship Between a Native American Tribe and Ireland

During the Irish potato famine, Ireland recieved a small donation by the Choctaw Native Americans who were quite poor themselves especially after the then recent Trial of Tears. The Irish never forgot the kindness and recently repaid it when Native Americans were suffering at far higher ratios from Covid-19 than most people in America.

Things I Hate: The Secret of Kells (2009 Film)

Last December I watched Song of the Sea and loved it. I wanted to watch The Secret of Kells (which I had sort of heard about for a few years) because its director/writer Tomm Moore also did Song of the Sea. Like Song of the Sea, The Secret of Kells did very well with critics.Continue reading “Things I Hate: The Secret of Kells (2009 Film)”

Things I Like: Brooklyn (2015 Film)

I would say that one of my favorite actresses is Saoirse Ronan from Ireland. I had heard of Brooklyn sometime last year or perhaps the year before. I thought it was interesting that she was taking a role perfect for her as she’s playing a Irish woman who immigrates to America in the 1950’s. TheContinue reading “Things I Like: Brooklyn (2015 Film)”

(Not So) Fun Fact: When British Officials Stopped a Sultan From Saving A Dying Ireland

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Abdulmejid I considered giving Irish people a notable amount of aid during the Irish Potato Famine which eventually claimed over a million lives and the emigration of another million Irish people. British officials convinced him to lower that number drastically as it would have overshadowed a more modest amount fromContinue reading “(Not So) Fun Fact: When British Officials Stopped a Sultan From Saving A Dying Ireland”