Fun Fact: Origin of the Name Troy

The given name Troy usually comes from the Irish Gaelic word Troightheach meaning “foot soldier.”

Fun Fact: The Man Who Took The Photographs of the Titanic

While the Titanic was sailing between the British isles, an Irish priest took photos of the ship. Because he didn’t stay for the fatal journey, his photographs survived and it’s believed all the ones on board the ship were all snapped by him.

Fun Fact: The Friendship Between a Native American Tribe and Ireland

During the Irish potato famine, Ireland recieved a small donation by the Choctaw Native Americans who were quite poor themselves especially after the then recent Trial of Tears. The Irish never forgot the kindness and recently repaid it when Native Americans were suffering at far higher ratios from Covid-19 than most people in America.

Fun Fact: Goddess of Ireland

Eiru is the source of Ireland’s name as she was a very important goddess in Irish mythology before the country adopted Christianity.