Fun Fact: The Last Islamic Ruler of the Iberian Peninsula

Not long before the discovery of the New World, most of present-day Spain and Portugal had been ruled by Muslims who had conquered the area for almost eight hundred years. The last ruler there was Muhammad XII who ruled the city of Granada. He eventually had to accept the rule of the new Catholic monarchs,Continue reading “Fun Fact: The Last Islamic Ruler of the Iberian Peninsula”

Fun Fact: Franco-Ottoman Alliance

In the 16th century King Francis I of France found himself desperate to counter the power of Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor. He failed to ally with England, so he reached for friendship with Suleiman I, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire who also did not like the power of the House of Habsburg. ThisContinue reading “Fun Fact: Franco-Ottoman Alliance”

Fun Fact: Queen Elizabeth II is a Descendant of Muhammad

Queen Elizabeth II is said to be a descendant of Islam’s Muhammad himself through his daughter Fatimah. However this actually goes back to the English King Edward IV, and all his descendants, not just Elizabeth II. Edward IV was descended from Maria de Padilla as her daughter married a son of King Edward III. MariaContinue reading “Fun Fact: Queen Elizabeth II is a Descendant of Muhammad”