Fun Fact: Hell In Judaism

While the concept of hell is about the same for almost all versions of Christianity, hell does not exist in Judaism. There is the place called Sheol mentioned in the Tanakh/Old Testament where most or all of the dead seem to go. However it is described much different than Christianity as it has been toldContinue reading “Fun Fact: Hell In Judaism”

Fun Fact: Judah And Tamar

Despite many devout Christians being pro-life by citing the Bible, Judah in Genesis orders a pregnant woman named Tamar to be burned to death. In the story Tamar had married two sons of Judah whom both had died. Tamar veiled her face and seduced Judah as she wanted a child born in his line. JudahContinue reading “Fun Fact: Judah And Tamar”

Fun Fact: The Only European Country With A Larger Jewish Population After World War 2

During the Holocaust, many Christians and Muslims in Albania protected existing Jews and Jewish refugees despite being occupied by Fascist Italy and later Nazi Germany. Albania was the only European country to have more Jewish residents after World War II than before it began.

(Not So) Fun Fact: What Happened to Jewish and Muslim Communities When Spain Became Catholic

When Catholics took over a Muslim Iberian Peninsula (present-day Spain and Portugal) they did not allow the freedom of religion. The Muslims and Jewish people who remained became Moriscos and Marranos but they were forced to convert to Christianity. Though most of them still kept their old religion in secret.

Fun Fact: The Golden Age For Jewish Spaniards

For centuries, modern-day Spain was under the rule of Muslims. Ironically this time period was a “golden age” of sorts for Jewish people living in Spain as their intellectual and spiritual lives flourished more-or-less during this time. It was only when Catholics tried to take land in Spain (and eventually were successful) that the livesContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Golden Age For Jewish Spaniards”