Fun Fact: The Mesopotamia King With a Story Much Like Moses

In 2334 BC, Sargon I ruled Mesopotamia despite being born a commoner and also a servant to the previous king. After he died a lot of his life became more mythology than reality. Legend says he was the secret child of a priestess who placed her baby (Sargon) in a basket in the river whereContinue reading “Fun Fact: The Mesopotamia King With a Story Much Like Moses”

Fun Fact: Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark

Lead by the creationist Ken Ham, the Ark Encounter is a “Bible-sized” boat that is a tourist attraction based on the Noah’s Ark story of the Bible which is located in Grant County, Kentucky. While two similar boats have been made in the modern day to replicate the biblical ship, Ken Ham’s is the largestContinue reading “Fun Fact: Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark”

Fun Fact: Astronaut Looking For Noah’s Ark

While the biblical story of Noah’s Ark is often criticized for being scientifically impossible for many reasons, this has never stopped people for searching for it. There has been many claims by various groups and individuals over the years saying they had “found” the vessel with no credible evidence. The most credible person in modernContinue reading “Fun Fact: Astronaut Looking For Noah’s Ark”