(Not So) Fun Fact: Julia Roberts Earning Nickname Tinkerhell

Julia Roberts was apparently so difficult to work with during the filming of Hook that Steven Spielberg refused to work with her again. She had been recovering from a breakup with Keifer Sutherland, leaving him because of alleged infidelity days before their planned wedding.

Larry Crowne (2011 Film) Review

I had heard of Larry Crowne back in 2011, but I wasn’t that terribly interested. But Tom Hanks usually has far more good movies than bad, so I couldn’t forget about it forever. Tom Hanks actually co-wrote, and directed the movie as well. But is the movie one of his best? Tom Hanks plays LarryContinue reading “Larry Crowne (2011 Film) Review”

Mirror Mirror (2012 Film) Review

While Snow White is such a classic fairy tale, there have been very little movies or cartoons based on the story in the last few decades that I could name off memory. Ironically 2012 saw two very different Snow White films, the first being the light-hearted Mirror Mirror and the grim Snow White and theContinue reading “Mirror Mirror (2012 Film) Review”

Charlotte’s Web (2006 Film) Review

Like many people, I read Charlotte’s Web when I was a child and I also remember watching the cartoon movie version that was made in 1973. Decades later, Nickelodeon decided to make a new major movie which wasn’t animated. For those not familiar with the story of Charlotte’s Web, it’s about a young girl namedContinue reading “Charlotte’s Web (2006 Film) Review”