Things I Like: Pretty Woman (1990 Film)

Pretty Woman 1990 movie poster Julia Roberts Richard Gere

My wife was shocked that I had never seen Pretty Woman up until the other night. Granted I was 2 years old when this movie came out and by the time I was age-appropriate enough to watch it, it was a pretty old movie. But it was one of the first movies to catapult Julia Roberts into super stardom.

Sports car Pretty Woman 1990 movie

Julia Roberts plays a woman named Vivian Ward who meets strange men every night on Hollywood Boulevard. Instead this night, her client is a lovable millionaire who just wanted directions rather than the usual “company.”

Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis Pretty Woman 1990 movie Richard Gere Julia Roberts

It becomes obvious that he’s rather smitten with her and doesn’t mind arranging a week of spending time with her in exchange for a pretty sizable fee.

Richard Gere as Edward Lewis Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward Pretty Woman 1990 movie

And she gets to soon learn of all the great things about the upper class. Despite her profession, she gets to live like a princess. But what happens when the week is over?

Vivian Ward and Phillip Stuckey Pretty Woman 1990 movie Julia Roberts Jason Alexander

One of the first things I noticed while watching Pretty Woman was Jason Alexander. This was a few years before Seinfeld but by the end of the movie, I would have chased him off with a baseball bat because of the actions of his character.

Vivian Ward at clothing store Pretty Woman 1990 movie Julia Roberts

I also enjoyed the scene where Vivian gets her revenge on a sales clerk who treated her wrongly and snobbishly.

Vivian Ward fancy white dress Pretty Woman 1990 movie Julia Roberts

I wouldn’t call Pretty Woman one of my favorite films of all time but I definitely enjoyed watching it. I’m not the biggest fan of Julia Roberts (but I don’t dislike her either) but I can see why this movie helped make her the name she is today.

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  1. Theresa says:

    I love this movie! Even with how old it is, it can still hold a viewers attention.


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