Things I Like: Naval Piranha (Yoshi’s Island)

This was one of my favorite bosses in Yoshi’s Island. The normal enemy is tough enough in the Mario series, a super version of it though… Quite a force to reckon with. Especially as the bad plant can swim while hunting you down. So you basically have to throw eggs at the weak spot. AndContinue reading “Things I Like: Naval Piranha (Yoshi’s Island)”

Things I Like: Prince Froggy (Yoshi’s Island)

This was one of my favorite bosses in Yoshi’s Island. You wait for Kamek to turn the frog huge like usual. Wait a minute… I’m turning smaller? And of course, I’m frog lunch. So you get to fight the frog’s belly. Somehow he eats shyguys but you also have to dodge stomach acid. But youContinue reading “Things I Like: Prince Froggy (Yoshi’s Island)”

Things I Like: Roger the Potted Ghost (Yoshi’s Island)

One of the most unique bosses in Yoshi’s Island, Kamek turns simple flowers into a ghost titan. I still remember this one very well. But it’s more like a reverse game of tug-of-war. Yoshi has to push against a duo of shy guys And the flower phantom will fall to his doom.

Things I Like: Bigger Boo (Yoshi’s Island)

I really liked this twist on the classic ghost bad guy in the Mario series. Kamek’s magic turns a normal boo into a huge one. Normal boo rules apply, if you stare at him, he will vanish and be shy. So you have to bounce eggs off the wall to hit him. And he getsContinue reading “Things I Like: Bigger Boo (Yoshi’s Island)”