Things I Like: Sluggy (Yoshi’s Island)

I found his stage to be far more frustrating to beat than the actual boss. I’ve replayed most of these boss battles in the game several times, but Sluggy the least because of his level. I thought it was pretty cool. He’s almost like a jello ghost with a real heart. And you have toContinue reading “Things I Like: Sluggy (Yoshi’s Island)”

Things I Like: Marching Milde (Yoshi’s Island)

Marching Milde is a giant version of a regular milde that Kamek turns big with his magic to attempt to defeat Yoshi. I never quite realized this as a kid, but I can see milde was an “evil” parody of Nintendo’ other series Kirby. This was a fun battle. You have to stomp milde untilContinue reading “Things I Like: Marching Milde (Yoshi’s Island)”