Things I Like: Ted 2 (2015 Film)

The original Ted was a movie I liked, but didn’t quite love. It came from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and it certainly was not quite on par with the funniest of the original seasons of Family Guy. I also thought it was a little strange (given his talent for voices) that Ted sounded justContinue reading “Things I Like: Ted 2 (2015 Film)”

Things I Like: Daddy’s Home (2015 Film)

I can’t remember the first time I heard about Daddy’s Home with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Both have been in wonderful movies, and Will Ferrell has certainly been in some duds too. It was certainly not a movie I would go see in theaters. Critics weren’t too happy with this one I’m afraid withContinue reading “Things I Like: Daddy’s Home (2015 Film)”

Things I Like: The Fighter (2010 Film)

I had never heard of The Fighter back in 2010, though I did hear of it a few years ago. I didn’t know much about it, especially considering that it was based on a true story. Though I don’t really watch boxing, it’s a fascinating sport. I really liked the Rocky movies, and the videoContinue reading “Things I Like: The Fighter (2010 Film)”

Things I Like: Ted (2012 Film)

I remember when Ted hit theaters. It was one of the biggest comedies of the year, though I wasn’t terribly sure if I wanted to see it immediately. I also (for some odd reason) though that Ted was the creative idea of Seth Rogen (who also wrote Superbad) but instead it was by Seth MacFarlane,Continue reading “Things I Like: Ted (2012 Film)”

The Other Guys (2010 Film) Review

As many of you know, I’ve been a big fan of most of Will Ferrell’s movies. I overlooked The Other Guys when it came out in 2010. My brother had recommended I see it, and I eventually got around to it. It’s basically Will Ferrell’s take on action movies. The plot begins with the bizarreContinue reading “The Other Guys (2010 Film) Review”