Things I Like: The Fighter (2010 Film)

The Fighter 2010 movie poster

I had never heard of The Fighter back in 2010, though I did hear of it a few years ago. I didn’t know much about it, especially considering that it was based on a true story. Though I don’t really watch boxing, it’s a fascinating sport. I really liked the Rocky movies, and the video game series Punchout. I believe this is the first boxing movie I’ve seen that’s not set in fiction, but is it as good as the the film critics said?

Christian Bale The Fighter 2010 movie

The movie is about Micky Ward, a boxer who is a “stepping-stone” for better boxers to face before they get to a “real” fight. His brother was a good boxer in his time, he even gave Sugar Ray Leonard a challenge at one point in history. But his brother now doesn’t do much but get into trouble and try to train Micky.

Amy Adams Mark Wahlberg The Fighter 2010 movie

But after his brother gets sent behind bars for a short time does Micky get a break. A person outside of his family wants to train and manage his boxing career. While his mother, brother, and sisters are generally opposed to the idea, he does quite well. Things don’t go well for his personal life when his family doesn’t quite like his new girlfriend Charlene.

Mark Wahlberg Christian Bale The Fighter 2010 movie

I honestly didn’t like The Fighter as much as I had expected. Though Amy Adams, and especially Christian Bale were phenomenal in their roles. I’m not surprised Bale got his only Oscar win for this one either. The story of the brothers is cool I admit, but it’s also realistic. So maybe that’s why I wasn’t too thrilled by the story.

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