Things I Like: Star Wars Episode I: Racer

A good game based on the worst Star Wars movie? It happens. Pod-racing was a decent idea in the film, and I’m glad they made a game based off of it. You could really feel the sense of speed in this game, and I had a lot of fun on this ice track with allContinue reading “Things I Like: Star Wars Episode I: Racer”

Video Game History: Superman (N64)

While Superman may be the most iconic superhero in history, he’s not exactly had the greatest share of fantastic video games. In-fact Superman 64 is considered not only the Man of Steel’s worst moment, but one of the worst games of all time. A Superman game doesn’t seem like such a hard concept to make.Continue reading “Video Game History: Superman (N64)”

Video Game History: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (N64/PS1)

During the turn of the millennium, the Batman animated shows had come to a close, but a new one called Batman Beyond had started. It was set in the distant future where an elderly Bruce Wayne recruits a young man named Terry McGinnis to become the Batman of the future. In 2000 they made anContinue reading “Video Game History: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (N64/PS1)”

Things I Like: Princess Peach (Super Mario 64)

Probably my favorite game with Princess Peach in it, as far as her role in the game that is. Ironically she spends most of the game out of sight, after being captured by Bowser. She originally promised to bake Mario a cake, but he saves her at the end of the day. For which MarioContinue reading “Things I Like: Princess Peach (Super Mario 64)”