Things I Like: Metal Cap Mario (Super Mario 64)

The metal cap was an interesting item in Super Mario 64. It could turn Mario into strong steel. Which made him very durable in a good number of situations. I also allowed him to walk under water, which came in handy in many missions. It also inspired the Metal Mario sub-boss fights in Super SmashContinue reading “Things I Like: Metal Cap Mario (Super Mario 64)”

Things I Like: Yoshi (Super Mario 64)

 I think you had to get all 120 stars to meet Yoshi on top of Peach’s castle in Super Mario 64. While I never did it myself, I thought it was cool they added him as an easter egg.  When it came to the remake on Nintendo DS, Yoshi showed more of his modern formContinue reading “Things I Like: Yoshi (Super Mario 64)”