Things I Like: Bright (2017 Film)

While Netflix has proved that it can produce quality TV shows of their own, it does seem rather apparent that they want to make movies their standard as well. They’ve had a bumpy road with that as they had more duds than successes. I suppose their best movie had been Mudbound which did make aContinue reading “Things I Like: Bright (2017 Film)”

Things I Like: Stranger Things (TV Series) Season 4

Stranger Things is one of my favorite shows for quite a few years now. Though, I’m not happy that Netflix let the Duffer Brothers take multi year breaks between seasons. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it took THREE YEARS for season four to release. Fortunately, it’s still pretty good. The show takes place for whatContinue reading “Things I Like: Stranger Things (TV Series) Season 4”

Things I Like: Floor is Lava (TV Series)

I had no idea what Floor Is Lava was when it came out on Netflix in 2020. But the second season is out and it’s apparently pretty popular. The show is hosted by Rutledge Wood who I didn’t know beforehand. I hear he was on that Top Gear show I never watched. The show isContinue reading “Things I Like: Floor is Lava (TV Series)”

Things I Like: Knights of Sidonia (TV Series) Season 2

Knights of Sidonia is a rather recent anime that debuted in Japan. Anime usually takes a few years to make it here to America. Netflix got an English dub as a Netflix Original, and I watched the first season about a year ago. It wasn’t quite as good as I imagined, but I was stillContinue reading “Things I Like: Knights of Sidonia (TV Series) Season 2”

Things I Like: Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series) Season 1

My wife and I needed something new to watch, so we stumbled upon Vikings: Valhalla on Netflix. I figured it was connected to the Vikings show that originated on the History Channel and I was right. The show is set during the last century of the Viking age. The English crown decides to do somethingContinue reading “Things I Like: Vikings: Valhalla (TV Series) Season 1”