Things I Like: Knights of Sidonia (TV Series) Season 1

Netflix has a lot of their own original shows, and when I first noticed Knights of Sidonia I thought there was no way that Netflix would have their own original anime. Which is mostly true as it debuted in Japan, and they just got the exclusive version in English. Like most anime shows, it’s basedContinue reading “Things I Like: Knights of Sidonia (TV Series) Season 1”

Things I Like: Jupiter’s Legacy (TV Series)

Jupiter’s Legacy came out on Netflix last year and while I had no idea about it at the time, my wife picked it for us to watch the other day. I didn’t quite know what to expect. It was good but there is a catch. The series revolves around a superhero group that is unrelatedContinue reading “Things I Like: Jupiter’s Legacy (TV Series)”

Things I Like: The Adam Project (2022 Film)

My wife recommended we watch The Adam Project the other day. I thought it was a TV show for some reason, not a new movie starring Ryan Reynolds for Netflix. His movies are usually pretty fun. Ryan Reynolds plays Adam Reed, an Air Force pilot from the future whose plane is capable of time travel.Continue reading “Things I Like: The Adam Project (2022 Film)”

Things I Like: Derek (TV Series) Season 1

I had heard of Derek for quite some time now. I have seen a bit of Ricky Gervais’ work and comedy, but I didn’t give Derek any serious consideration until recently. Opinions seemed to be really good, but what did I think of it? Gervais plays Derek, a kind man who works at a nursingContinue reading “Things I Like: Derek (TV Series) Season 1”