Fun Fact: First Men to Visit Antarctica

It’s very likely the Maori of New Zealand were the first to find Antarctica in the 7th century.

Fun Fact: Original Choice For Gandalf

Christopher Plummer was originally offered the role of Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. He turned it down because he didn’t want to spend years in New Zealand shooting the movies, as he didn’t like the country that much.

Fun Fact: National Bird of New Zealand

The national bird of New Zealand is the kiwi. You actually have no chance of seeing a kiwi in nature outside of New Zealand as the birds are flightless.

Fun Fact: Closest Relatives To Kiwi Birds

While the New Zealand birds known as kiwis were thought to be very closely related to the flightless and extinct Moa they were much more distant cousins than scientists expected. DNA evidence proved that they are more closely related to Cassowary birds (that live in New Guinea and Australia), elephant birds (which had lived in…