Things I Like: Pokemon HeartGold (Nintendo DS)

One of the best remakes of all time. I remember playing Pokemon Silver as a kid. It was one of the best sequels of all time, and most of the kids in my middle school agreed. Unfortunately during the summer before 8th grade, I had went over a friend’s lake house for the weekend. SadlyContinue reading “Things I Like: Pokemon HeartGold (Nintendo DS)”

Things I Like: Falco (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Falco in the series, but Fox’s greatest wingman is a decent fighter in all of the games. While I don’t love him, I don’t dislike him either. Being an echo fighter, his moves are much like Fox’s. He moves a little slower but seems to have a bitContinue reading “Things I Like: Falco (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Ray Gun (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

The ray gun had been apart of the series since the original game on N64. It’s original to the series, so it didn’t appear in a previous Nintendo game. Though it has changed since the first few games. In Ultimate, its form is pretty much the same as Smash 4. Has that “laser tag” lookContinue reading “Things I Like: Ray Gun (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

10-Yard Fight (NES) Review

10-Yard Fight is yet another sports game in Nintendo’s mini-series of NES games. Most of them are bad except Ice Hockey. This one plays pretty decent, and I prefer the top down view verses the horizontal view of something like Tecmo Bowl. Except it’s more like a Tiger handheld sort of game than a legitimateContinue reading “10-Yard Fight (NES) Review”