Things I Like: Ganon (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Ganon was an obvious pick for a real boss in the new Smash Bros. Ultimate in both Classic Mode and World of Light. I was glad they based him off of his Ocarina of Time “pig-form” which gamers saw at the finale of the N64 classic. Like the N64 game, Ganon is a huge monster.Continue reading “Things I Like: Ganon (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Things I Like: Paper Mario Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

This was one was new to me, as it was only in Smash 4 on 3DS (I had it on WiiU) but I do like it. It’s based more on Paper Mario: Sticker Star than any other of the other games in the spinoff RPG series. While I missed that 3DS Paper Mario game, IContinue reading “Things I Like: Paper Mario Stage (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)”

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) Review

Back during the SNES days, Donkey Kong Country was one of the biggest titles by far on the platform. While Rare did well with fans for all three DK Country games on the Super Nintendo, I wasn’t too impressed with Donkey Kong 64, though some other fans liked it. Since Nintendo let Rare fall intoContinue reading “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Nintendo Switch) Review”

Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Review

While Nintendo was founded as a playing-card company in 1889, their current success originated over 90 years later when Donkey Kong hit arcades in 1981. While it wasn’t Nintendo’s first video game, it was their first big hit, and led it’s hero Mario to countless sequels and spin-offs. In 1994, Nintendo produced a new gameContinue reading “Donkey Kong (Game Boy) Review”

Donkey Kong 3 (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Here’s one most gamers forgot at the Carolina Arcade Museum in Forest City, North Carolina. I’m speaking of Donkey Kong 3, the first Nintendo sequel nobody wanted. It was the first Donkey Kong game to not have Mario as a main character. Instead you play as Stanley the Bugman, whom apparently has no ties toContinue reading “Donkey Kong 3 (Carolina Arcade Museum)”