Fun Fact: A Link To The Past’s New Additions to the Series

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past had a lot of firsts in the series, such as the Master Sword, the ocarina, hook shot, and bottles.

Fun Fact: Sufami Turbo For the Japanese SNES

The Sufami Turbo was an add on device for the Japanese Super Nintendo. It was approved by Nintendo but completely operated by Bandai. The company wanted to produce SNES games cheaper and not have to rely on Nintendo to make cartridges. It was mostly a failure as only a small amount of games actually released.

Fun Fact: Being Accidentally Disloyal in Harvest Moon

In the video game Harvest Moon, fans have noticed that you can actually end up with the wrong girl on a night that was supposed to be with your wife. Because the clues of their locations are cryptic, players can often commit accidental “adultery.”