Things I Like: Yoshi’s Island DS (Nintendo DS)

This was a really surprise sequel Nintendo came up with. Yoshi’s Story was a failure and a joke of a game. This however wasn’t bad at all. Unlike Yoshi’s Story, this is more like the original game on SNES. Except that Yoshi can also work with other Baby characters such as Donkey Kong or Peach.Continue reading “Things I Like: Yoshi’s Island DS (Nintendo DS)”

Ice Hockey (NES) Review

NES sports games are pretty terrible by today’s standards, but I’ve heard really good things about Ice Hockey. It has basically what every other hockey game had done during the NES and SNES eras. I like how it was released before the fall of Communism, it’s funny to see a Soviet Union team in here.Continue reading “Ice Hockey (NES) Review”

Video Game History: Captain N: The Game Master (TV Series)

I never saw the series when it came out, however I have seen a few clips and pieces over the years. The show stars Kevin Keene as Captain N or something. Just some kid stuck in video game land. He meets some random princess named Lana. Teams up with Simon Belmont…Wait when did Simon BelmontContinue reading “Video Game History: Captain N: The Game Master (TV Series)”

Video Game History: Captain Rainbow (Nintendo Wii)

Captain Rainbow was a 2008 video game made exclusively for the Wii and released only in Japan. It was also a game published by Nintendo themselves. Captain Rainbow wasn’t exactly bragged about being the best game ever but it certainly had it’s own charm and style. It also featured washed up and deformed versions ofContinue reading “Video Game History: Captain Rainbow (Nintendo Wii)”

Things I Hate: Wave Race: Blue Storm (Nintendo Gamecube)

I was huge Gamecube fan back in the day, and this one of the first games Nintendo put on the plate. Apparently Wave Race 64 had a solid fan-base, and this seemed to be a very promising sequel. Since I’ve never played Wave Race 64, I can’t really tell how different the two games were.Continue reading “Things I Hate: Wave Race: Blue Storm (Nintendo Gamecube)”