Our Visit to Justus Orchard (Hendersonville NC)

Yesterday, we took a family trip to Justus Orchard in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Believe it or not, I’ve never been apple picking before. I was a little disappointed there are very few varieties of apples you can pick. Most variations there weren’t ready to be picked yet. I always imagined apple trees to be bigger.Continue reading “Our Visit to Justus Orchard (Hendersonville NC)”

Seeing Gabriel Iglesias’ Beyond the Fluffy World Tour

I haven’t watched stand-up comedy in forever. Gabriel Iglesias was at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort the night we were there and that happens to be my beloved’s favorite comedian of all time. So of course we saw him live. The show was almost sold out so it was very crowded. I really enjoyed his comedyContinue reading “Seeing Gabriel Iglesias’ Beyond the Fluffy World Tour”

My First Visit To Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

We went on a Saturday, and this was my first time visiting Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. Or any casino period. Las Vegas is on the other side of the country, but this place is only a few hours from my home. The place is ginormous. And very crowded that night. Even the food court was aContinue reading “My First Visit To Harrah’s Cherokee Casino”

Robotron 2084 (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Like Joust, Robotron 2084 was another Williams game I played on a collection disk on PS1. I liked it more than Joust from what I remember. And that holds true again. The way it controls to blast all the colorful robots is pretty neat and it’s unlike most video games from in its time andContinue reading “Robotron 2084 (Carolina Arcade Museum)”

Defender: Stargate (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Like the other Williams game, I had played Defender on a classic disk on PS1. I had not realized I was playing the sequel, rather than the original here in Forest City NC’s Carolina Arcade Museum. Because they look like the same game. This is Defender: Stargate. And here’s the original. While both were kindContinue reading “Defender: Stargate (Carolina Arcade Museum)”