Robotron 2084 (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Like Joust, Robotron 2084 was another Williams game I played on a collection disk on PS1. I liked it more than Joust from what I remember. And that holds true again. The way it controls to blast all the colorful robots is pretty neat and it’s unlike most video games from in its time andContinue reading “Robotron 2084 (Carolina Arcade Museum)”

Defender: Stargate (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Like the other Williams game, I had played Defender on a classic disk on PS1. I had not realized I was playing the sequel, rather than the original here in Forest City NC’s Carolina Arcade Museum. Because they look like the same game. This is Defender: Stargate. And here’s the original. While both were kindContinue reading “Defender: Stargate (Carolina Arcade Museum)”

Frogger (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Frogger is a pretty classic game, and I’ve played it now and then over the years. So I decided to spend a few minutes with it at the Carolina Arcade Museum in Forest City, North Carolina. It’s a pretty solid game for 1981, but it’s much more difficult than it should be. My poor littleContinue reading “Frogger (Carolina Arcade Museum)”

Rampage (Carolina Arcade Museum)

Rampage was another arcade classic I never played that I found at the Carolina Arcade Museum in Forest City, North Carolina. Midway made it in the mid 1980’s. And I think their arcade unit was broken because I could barely get the game to work. I know one of the monster’s controls wouldn’t come onContinue reading “Rampage (Carolina Arcade Museum)”

Scorpion Pinball Machine (Carolina Arcade Museum)

The 2nd pinball machine was Scorpion, which was made by Williams in 1980. I was trying to figure out if it was based on anything. I don’t think it was. There’s dragons in the art, but the scorpion is supposed to be a tank. The pinball layout is decent and it’s a fun one butContinue reading “Scorpion Pinball Machine (Carolina Arcade Museum)”