Things I Like: Coco (2017 Film)

Until dethroned, Pixar is still king among animated movies. While they have had a few misdirections such a Cars, most Pixar movies are from pretty good to amazing. I’ve actually seen all of them, except for Coco which isn’t odd since it just came out last year. I was close to seeing in theaters aroundContinue reading “Things I Like: Coco (2017 Film)”

Things I Hate: Cars 3 (2017 Film)

To be honest, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Cars, even though Pixar is my favorite studio for 3D animated movies. While the movies have been more-or-less a success at the box office and with critics, I always felt the story almost felt like it was for a movie that was made-for-television. Deep downContinue reading “Things I Hate: Cars 3 (2017 Film)”

Things I Like: Finding Dory (2016 Film)

When it comes to animated movies, Pixar is the best…most of the time anyways. 2003’s Finding Nemo was one of their best and it’s rather peculiar that it took like 13 years to make a sequel. I was only 15 years old when the original came out. I also remember it being one of theContinue reading “Things I Like: Finding Dory (2016 Film)”

Things I Like: The Good Dinosaur (2015 Film)

Anything by Pixar always gets my attention. But I waited to see it when it was in theaters. I was optimistic but not that excited as only really go to the movies for stuff that I really really want to see. The main protagonist of the story is Arlo. The young dinosaur is an ApatosaurusContinue reading “Things I Like: The Good Dinosaur (2015 Film)”