Things I Like: Lightyear (2022 Film)

Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie poster

Since I’m a millennial, I was in the original generation of children to enjoy Toy Story when it revolutionized animated movies. I wasn’t so thrilled about the idea of Lightyear when it came out in theaters earlier this year. I wanted to wait until it came out on Disney+, which it did a while back.

Buzz Lightyear in classic green space ranger suit Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie

The film serves as “the movie” Andy watched as a kid, which made him want to have a Buzz Lightyear toy. Which makes the old 2D animated series with the same idea, not officially canon anymore.

Buzz Lightyear flying at hyperspeed Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie

Buzz Lightyear and his fellow space rangers get trapped on a remote planet. While the planet has resources to build a civilization, they are effectively marooned on the planet. And it’s up to Buzz Lightyear to figure out how to get a ship to travel fast enough to save them.

Buzz Lightyear meets Izzy Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie

And this unfortunately backfires against him. As the more successful he is at getting the ship to go faster, he ends up going forward in time and arriving to a planet that he no longer recognizes as well as when he left “minutes before.”

Buzz Lightyear and Izzy vs Zurg Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie

When his best friend dies of old age, he actually ends up teaming up with her granddaughter, who shares a striking resemblance. But during his last plane trip, he missed the arrival of a scary new enemy.

Old Buzz Lightyear as Zurg Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie

Who is the robotic overlord named Zurg. His robots only say his name, but they wreak havoc all over the planet. But for some reason, it becomes obvious that Zurg desperately wants Buzz Lightyear. And their paths are destined to cross.

Buzz Lightyear and Sox flying ship to avoid Zurg Lightyear 2022 Disney Pixar movie

To be perfectly honest, I was not blown away by Lightyear. It’s a bit slow and too sad for its own good. It does pick up greatly when the robotic cat Sox arrives to help Buzz Lightyear complete his mission. But it’s not enough for me to want a sequel. It’s okay, but I hope Pixar and Disney leaves it at this. It was bit odd thinking about Chris Evans replacing Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, but it actually makes sense and he fits in the role well especially as the plot is fairly serious and not goofy.


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