Things I Like: Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)

Pokemon Sun and Moon were pretty darn good. Sun and Moon are set in the land of Alola which is based on the U.S. state of Hawaii like how Kanto was obviously based on a region in Japan. Like Japan and Hawaii, there are people from Kanto and elements of its culture in Aloha. YourContinue reading “Things I Like: Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS)”

Things I Like: Pokemon Origins (TV Series)

When I was in elementary school, I remember the original season of the Pokemon anime cartoon. I loved it as a kid, I even remember getting a few issues of the Pokemon manga comic book as well. But the Pokemon anime is and has always been fairly cheesy and very simple. And somewhere in theContinue reading “Things I Like: Pokemon Origins (TV Series)”

Video Game History: Pokemon Puzzle League (N64)

While Panel de Pon is a pretty popular puzzle series in Japan, it had to be “altered” for it to be successful in America. The first time was with Tetris Attack on SNES, which had a Yoshi theme. Next up was Pokemon, which is actually based on the anime not the video games. Ironically JapanContinue reading “Video Game History: Pokemon Puzzle League (N64)”

Things I Like: Pokemon: The Movie 2000

I haven’t seen it since seeing it in the theater in 2000, but it was one of my favorite memories from childhood. While the original movie was cool and all, this was based on the Gold/Silver sequel games. But granted most of the classic original pokemon are also here. But I liked the scenes withContinue reading “Things I Like: Pokemon: The Movie 2000”

Video Game History: Pokemon Trozei! (DS)

Besides Mario, the Nintendo series with the most spin-offs is probably Pokemon. In 2006 Nintendo released Pokemon Trozei! a puzzle game for their new handheld. The game was a rather simple puzzle game. I guess you could say it was Zoo Keeper meets Meteos. You could slide the pokemon faces until you got a matchContinue reading “Video Game History: Pokemon Trozei! (DS)”