Video Game History: Hey You, Pikachu! (N64)

Hey You, Pikachu! was a video game released by Nintendo after the popularity of Pokemon jetted off in Japan and America. Somehow Europe never got the game. The game came pre-packed with the N64 Voice Recognition Unit simply known as the VRU. Basically it was a clunky piece of hardware that acted as a basicContinue reading “Video Game History: Hey You, Pikachu! (N64)”

Video Game History: Robopon Series

Ah Pokemon, it’s hard to believe how crazy Pokefever was about two decade ago. Kids blew all their money on anything Pokemon related, parents hurt each other to get their kid the newest Pokemon game in the store, and you remember how jealous you were of the kid with the epic Charizard playing card. HoweverContinue reading “Video Game History: Robopon Series”

Video Game History: Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)

In 1998, Pokemon took America by storm. The video game was big, but so was the anime. Perhaps at a time, the trading card game might of been the most popular medium. I remember long waits at comic book shops, cards going for pretty pennies, and official tournaments at Toys R Us. I also rememberContinue reading “Video Game History: Pokemon Trading Card Game (GBC)”

Things I Like: Pokemon: The First Movie

Granted the last time I saw it was in 1999 when the movie came out. It was a fun night since all the fans crowded the theater, and we all got a special pokemon card just for watching the movie. While it still has a very kid-friendly story, the movie was a bit darker thanContinue reading “Things I Like: Pokemon: The First Movie”