Black Widow (2021 Film) Review

Besides Wonder Woman, the most badass female superhero in the major silver screen movies has been Black Widow. I was kind of surprised they came out with this movie now. As Natasha Romanoff died an irreversible death during Avengers: Endgame. This movie obviously is a prequel and I heard mixed things about it, but whatContinue reading “Black Widow (2021 Film) Review”

Watched Iron Man 2 (2010 Film)

I was a little late to the Iron Man hype train. Didn’t pay much interest until after the 2nd movie came out. I saw it on Netflix instant months ago, but since the 1st one was missing I didn’t watch it. Now that I had, I got done watching it today. Robert Downey Jr. returnsContinue reading “Watched Iron Man 2 (2010 Film)”