Things I Like: Tarmiel (Seven Deadly Sins)

Tarmiel is one of the four archangels. Despite the three heads, he only has one personality. He was a decent minor protagonist. But my least favorite archangel. Tarmiel and Sariel work together all the time. We get to see them fight the Ten Commandments during the original holy war. Unfortunately, due mainly to their arrogance,Continue reading “Things I Like: Tarmiel (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Hate: The Demon King (Seven Deadly Sins)

While ironically not the last villain in the series, he definitely is the ultimate bad guy of the show. Believe it or not, but he’s the father of Meliodas. Thousand of years before the series starts, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity kill Meliodas and Elizabeth for falling in love with each other. ThenContinue reading “Things I Hate: The Demon King (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Like: Zeldris (Seven Deadly Sins)

We first see him when the Ten Commandments are unleashed after being sealed away for 3000 years. He’s the leader of the Ten Commandments, and the youngest son of the Demon King. He’s a flawed character but overall likable especially as time marches on. There’s a lot of bad blood between him and Meliodas. ZeldrisContinue reading “Things I Like: Zeldris (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Hate: Cusack (Seven Deadly Sins)

Cusack is one of the last villains on the show, a demon of extremely high rank. I thought he was a little bit lame. Him and his counterpart Chandler were originally a being known as the Original Demon. The Demon King punished him for rebelling and split his body and soul into two beings. CusackContinue reading “Things I Hate: Cusack (Seven Deadly Sins)”

Things I Hate: Chandler (Seven Deadly Sins)

One of the last villains introduced in the show, Chandler was definitely one that you loved to hate. He arrives with Cusack after the defeat of the Ten Commandments. Ages ago they were instructed by The Demon King to train Meliodas and Zeldris. Since Chandler was the teacher of Meliodas , he was the oneContinue reading “Things I Hate: Chandler (Seven Deadly Sins)”