Mr. Holmes (2015 Film) Review

The very recent movie Mr. Holmes came out of nowhere to me. I had heard of it a few months ago and I knew I’d eventually see it. Sherlock Holmes was always a classic character but what really wowed me was the most recent TV series (not the American one) with Benedict Cumberbatch and MartinContinue reading “Mr. Holmes (2015 Film) Review”

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985 Film) Review

The concept of classic characters being in a tale where they are much younger isn’t that original anymore. Though long before Smallville, Merlin, and Arrow there was Young Sherlock Holmes. The recent UK series Sherlock is one of the my favorite shows ever, so I was interested in this one. I also noticed Steven SpielbergContinue reading “Young Sherlock Holmes (1985 Film) Review”