Things I Like: Enola Holmes 2 (2022 Film)

Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022 poster Millie Bobby Brown

I remember enjoying the original Enola Holmes movie back in 2020. I was a little disappointed, but I did think the movie was pretty good. The sequel popped up on Netflix not that long ago and I definitely wanted to check it out.

Enola Holmes working in her office Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022 Millie Bobby Brown

Enola Holmes 2 takes place probably about 2 years after the original. Enola Holmes wants to get out of the shadow of her older brother Sherlock and she tries to start her own detective agency. But everybody wants her older brother instead.

Sherlock Holmes leaving 221B Baker Street Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022 Henry Cavill

I was glad to see Henry Cavill have more time to shine as Sherlock Holmes, as he’s way more prominent in this movie than he was in the original.

Abbie Hern as Mae Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022

The mystery of the film revolves around this little girl who works at a matchstick factory. Her older sister has gone missing and there’s a lot of dark corruption all over London. This is definitely more than just a simple missing person case.

David Thewlis as Grail Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022

David Thewlis is actually quite intimidating as police superintendent Grail. I almost didn’t recognize him (but just like his role in Wonder Woman) however, he definitely can shine in a much darker role.

Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022

I was also happy to see Helena Bonham Carter return to the movie as well, as Enola’s and Sherlock’s eccentric feminist mother, Eudoria Holmes.

Enola at the ball with masquerade mask Enola Holmes 2 Netflix movie 2022 Millie Bobby Brown

I actually thought Enola Holmes 2 was actually better than the original. Which is kind of ironic, because they made an original story, while the first film was based on a book. While Netflix has its ups and downs, they still haven’t struck out with anything that has to do with Millie Bobby Brown.


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  1. mlouisebarbourfundyblue says:

    I enjoyed both movies, but liked the second more as well.


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