Fun Fact: When South Carolina Had a Five Day Governor

In 1915, Lt. Governor Charles Aurelius Smith became Governor of South Carolina, but only for five single days. He performed only ceremonial duties, but he only became governor for a single reason. His predecessor Coleman Blease had resigned so he didn’t have to attend the inauguration of Governor-elect Richard Irvine Manning III. Blease was anContinue reading “Fun Fact: When South Carolina Had a Five Day Governor”

Our 2021 Halloween

Halloween is among my favorite holidays and we did a few things this year. We took Princess L to a church Halloween trail. Lots of good costumes. I’m Captain America. I even got to “fight” Deadpool. The most beautiful woman in the world was Peggy Carter. Since it’s nearly impossible to find a true HalloweenContinue reading “Our 2021 Halloween”

Our Visit to Denver Downs Farm (Anderson SC)

We took a family trip down here in October. It was a very busy day. While it’s technically a farm, it’s more of a fairground than a traditional farm. So many things for kids to have fun on. They also have a corn maze but it’s not hard. Getting lost here is almost impossible. PrincessContinue reading “Our Visit to Denver Downs Farm (Anderson SC)”

Our Visit to Twisted Cup (Simpsonville SC)

The most beautiful woman in the world and I recently found this place due to a coupon book that had a pretty good deal. It’s mostly a frozen yogurt place. It’s pretty good but nothing mind-blowing. About a week later I used the coupon for some free shaved ice. The coupon was for any size,Continue reading “Our Visit to Twisted Cup (Simpsonville SC)”

Our Visit to Frodo’s Pizza (Greenville SC)

This was my first time visiting Frodo’s Pizza which has been around in Greenville for a very long time. My mother used to come here when she was a teenager. This place definitely has the feel of a 1970s pizza parlor. The pizza actually is pretty darn good. The most beautiful woman in the worldContinue reading “Our Visit to Frodo’s Pizza (Greenville SC)”