Fun Fact: Stephen King’s It Killing The Clown Industry Twice

Professional clowns have been a struggling industry especially after the original 1990 It movie. When the Stephen King novel had a new set of remake movies in 2017 and 2019, professional clowns cited a new wave of countless cancelations of parties and events.

Things I Like: The Green Mile (1999 Film)

The Green Mile was originally a novel by Stephen King in 1996. I was surprised they never used his name when the movie came out, but I guess it was because it wasn’t technically a horror film. The story is set during a depression-era America in a prison’s death row section. The main character is…

Things I Like: The Langoliers (TV miniseries)

I honestly never heard of the 1995 TV Mini-Series (which is a two-part movie) until I saw it on Netflix years ago. I like Stephen King’s work, but I had no idea what to expect. But I do like the unique premise. The Langoliers is about a plane going from the west coast to Boston….

Things I Like: Stand By Me (1986 Film)

A few years ago my mom told me to go watch Stand By Me. She loved the movie when she was younger, and I later found out it was actually based on a Stephen King novel. One of the couple movies that don’t make that fact apparent. Another one being The Green Mile. The story…

Misery (1990 Film) Review

I’ve heard of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery for years now. Since Kathy Bates won so much critical appeal for her role as Annie Wilkes, it’s hard for any mention of the actress not to revert back to this movie. I’ve never disliked any work by Stephen King so far, so it was…