Things I Like: The Green Mile (1999 Film)

The Green Mile 1999 movie poster Tom Hanks Stephen King

The Green Mile was originally a novel by Stephen King in 1996. I was surprised they never used his name when the movie came out, but I guess it was because it wasn’t technically a horror film.

Percy the jail guard The Green Mile 1999 movie

The story is set during a depression-era America in a prison’s death row section. The main character is a decent guy named Paul who is one of the officers in charge of the inmates. Most of his co-workers are the same except this one jerk called Percy who gets his way because he’s the nephew of the Governor.

John Coffee The Green Mile 1999 movie

But most of the film’s plot involves the other prisoners. Some of them you can pity, some are likable, and there will be one you can’t wait to see go. But the most notable of all is John Coffee who is actually a gentle giant. You not only learn of his innocence but something far more incredible.

Mr Jingles the rat The Green Mile 1999 movie

And who didn’t love the mouse Mr. Jingles? One of my favorite films, and since it originated from Stephen King I’m not surprised.

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