Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES) Review

I really liked the NES verson of Bubble Bobble ever since I bought it on Virtual Console. I totally didn’t even know they made an NES-only sequel until recently. It’s a straight-up sequel and not a spin-off like Rainbow Islands. So it pretty much plays like the last game, I think they gave our favoriteContinue reading “Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES) Review”

Original Space Invaders Arcade Game (Carolina Arcade Museum)

This was the first arcade game I played at the Carolina Arcade Museum in Forest City, NC. I assume (with a lot of educated guessing to back it up) that this the original arcade machine and not a later version. The game has been super popular so there had been many re-releases over the decades.Continue reading “Original Space Invaders Arcade Game (Carolina Arcade Museum)”