Things I Like: Princess Peach (Mario Tennis Aces)

I never used her much in the past tennis games, but I liked her incarnation in Mario Tennis Aces. She’s a technical character so her special skill is precision aiming. Which she is fairly good at too. Though not that much compared to the rest of the roster. She can often feel like an all-aroundContinue reading “Things I Like: Princess Peach (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Like: Bowser (Mario Tennis Aces)

The great King Bowser is usually a character I don’t choose in the Mario spinoff games, but in Mario Tennis Aces he was my favorite. His specialty is power, and can certainly be a character than make the other side tremble in fear. Not only are his tennis hits fast and powerful, but he takesContinue reading “Things I Like: Bowser (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Like: Princess Rosalina (Mario Tennis Aces)

Since Mario Tennis Aces was my first Mario Tennis since the Gamecube days, this was the first time I played as the galactic princess in the tennis game. She doesn’t move more or less different than most of the roster. But she’s a “tricky” character so her tennis swings have much more curve to themContinue reading “Things I Like: Princess Rosalina (Mario Tennis Aces)”