Things I Like: Toad (Mario Tennis Aces)

Well fans apparently hated him in the game, I didn’t think he was that bad. Those it is odd that his “brothers” are all over the place. Anyway he’s main ability is speed, but since most character don’t move that slow, it’s not a big advantage. But I won a few matches with him online.Continue reading “Things I Like: Toad (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Like: Diddy Kong (Mario Tennis Aces)

Though I didn’t use him for long, I liked Diddy Kong more than I disliked him in Mario Tennis Aces. He’s probably the best of the speedy characters. A class of characters I didn’t think played very well in the game. But I managed to get a few wins with Diddy Kong before moving along.

Things I Like: Toadette (Mario Tennis Aces)

I always thought Toadette was a rather dumb addition to the Mario universe, but she’s a good character in this game. Unlike Toad, she’s a technical character so her accuracy is top-notch, much like Princess Peach. I wasn’t unstoppable with her but some players online can be a pest to win even one game over,Continue reading “Things I Like: Toadette (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Hate: Bowser Jr. (Mario Tennis Aces)

I honestly despised Bowser’s true-born son in this particular tennis game, despite wanting to like him. Like Waluigi his specialty is defense. Which was odd, since my defense was like paper machete against other players. I honestly had very little luck with Bowser Jr. I’ve seen other players play well with him, but me? NotContinue reading “Things I Hate: Bowser Jr. (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Hate: Koopa Troopa (Mario Tennis Aces)

I wasn’t too big of a fan of the green turtle foe from the Mario games. His skill is being fast, but like most of other characters in that same class, it’s not as helpful as you’d think. He’s at least better than Yoshi in Mario Tennis Aces. But I just disliked him for theContinue reading “Things I Hate: Koopa Troopa (Mario Tennis Aces)”