Things I Like: Donkey Kong (Mario Tennis Aces)

Like always, Donkey Kong showed up for the Mario spinoff game. For the Generation Z kids, Mario’s first game was Donkey Kong, thus why they don’t feel odd including him. Like Bowser and Wario, Donkey Kong is in the powerful class in tennis. He’s quite a good character to play with. I oddly didn’t find…

Things I Hate: Birdo (Mario Tennis Aces)

I’ve never been a fan of this weird Mario character. While Birdo predates Yoshi, she always seemed like Yoshi’s cousin nobody talked about. She’s an all-around character like Mario and Luigi. But like Yoshi, she doesn’t play very well. But she’s at least a better character in Mario Tennis Aces than Yoshi.

Things I Hate: Koopa Paratroopa (Mario Tennis Aces)

While it’s rare to see Koopa Paratroopa as a playable character, I didn’t like him too much. He’s a technical character like Princess Peach and Toadette. Meaning his accuracy is suppose to be good. But I would often end up losing with him than winning. Which I don’t exactly like, to be honest, obviously. Now…

Fun Fact: Tennis Etymology

Tennis is believed to have originated in Northern France. The English word comes from the old French term tenez which meant “hold”, “receive”, or “take”.

Things I Like: Waluigi (Mario Tennis Aces)

Since his first appearance in the whole Mario series was Mario Tennis on N64, you know you have to have Waluigi in any Mario Tennis game. He’s still trying to make a real appearance in Super Smash Bros. He’s a defensive character which theoretically gives him the best range. I honestly didn’t think that was…