Things I Hate: Yoshi (Mario Tennis Aces)

I have adored Yoshi for the majority of his nearly 30 year history, however, I hated him in this game. He’s in the speedy class of characters, which I truly feel is the weakest of the whole game. But I can’t exactly tell why I’m terrible at Yoshi versus similar characters. I’d always get frustratedContinue reading “Things I Hate: Yoshi (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Like: Boo (Mario Tennis Aces)

Boo usually gets left out of the Mario spinoff games, but with a massive roster, he’s certainly here for Mario Tennis Aces. A few players online already gave me the heads up on Boo’s specialty. He’s a tricky tennis player. Which means his tennis balls curve, often very unpredictable too. Which is good for whenContinue reading “Things I Like: Boo (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Like: Blooper (Mario Tennis Aces)

Blooper is a long-running Mario enemy/ally that is finally starting to be a playable character in the spinoff games. His incarnation in Mario Tennis Aces has him as a tricky character. I found he’s pretty good at countering with trick shots, but his curves are nothing compared to Boo’s. But overall I liked him, butContinue reading “Things I Like: Blooper (Mario Tennis Aces)”

Things I Like: Chain Chomp (Mario Tennis Aces)

Chain Chomp is a kind of common Mario adversary, but his role here is awesome and hilarious. I would have never expected to ever see him as a character in the Mario Tennis games. Obviously he’s a in the power class, which makes him very difficult to defeat if you’re the one facing him. LikeContinue reading “Things I Like: Chain Chomp (Mario Tennis Aces)”