The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996 Film) Review

Hunchback of Notre dame movie poster

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a movie I missed out on as a kid and it’s only until now that I’ve gotten around to watching it. I forgot it was based on Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name. Though I’m sure this Disney version is much “happier” than its source material. I haven’t read the book.

Frollo disney

The story first shows us Frollo, an official in Paris with ties to the government and the church. His hatred of gypsies is clear and after killing a young mother, he tries to drown her deformed infant. But a priest compels him to spare the child and “adopt” him as a “son.”

Quasimodo hunchback of Notre dame

The boy becomes Quasimodo, a hideous Hunchback who tends to the bell tower of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral. The only person he sees is Frollo and he often wants a better life. But Frollo warns him that it’s an evil world out there.

Hunchback of Notre dame

Quasimodo soon puts all his fears away after he meets Esmeralda, a beautiful gypsy woman. But she will soon catch the eye of Frollo, who will find every reason to condemn her. Quasimodo falls in love with her, but can anyone love a Hunchback?

Hunchback of notre dame disney

Overall, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch the movie. It’s got a wonderful story and plenty of excellent songs as well. It might not be the greatest work by Disney but it’s among the best.

Score: A-

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