My Cousin Vinny (1992 Film) Review

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I knew of My Cousin Vinny for a few years now. I wasn’t quite sure what the plot was but it did give Marisa Tomei an Oscar win which I heard was controversial since comedic roles rarely get nominations let alone wins. I heard it was fantastic, so of course I had to see it.

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The film takes place in Alabama. Two college guys from New York buy a few things at the gas station. Not long afterward, a cop pulls them over for murder as the clerk was shot. Since they didn’t do it, they really want a way out. Luckily, one of the guys has a cousin who is a lawyer. His name is Vinny.

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Vinny unfortunately has no real court experience. The judge of the case takes notice of how improper Vinny is. And Vinny has almost no knowledge on Alabama state law.

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Vinny is going to need more than a little help. Especially as his tactics don’t make much sense. But his talent for arguing is unrivaled. He’ll need as much luck as he can as his cousin will spend time in the electric chair if he fails.

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I absolutely loved My Cousin Vinny. It may not be the greatest movie ever made, but I was almost glued to the television screen. I can see why the movie is still talked about nearly 30 years later.

Score: B

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  1. Wow! You went old school on this one Awesome Adam(lol), and like you I totally loved this movie! I’ve probably seen it about 3-4 times because I fell in love with Marisa Tomei in this role. It was definitely funny, but I think it also sends a good message of karma and treating people properly.

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