The Hangover (2009 Film) Review

The Hangover movie poster

The Hangover is a movie I’ve been missing out on for over a decade now. I heard the last movie wasn’t very good so I suppose that’s why I’ve been delaying things. But the time had come to see it for myself.

Vegas car ride the Hangover

The movie is about a group of friends. While they all have different lives, they all like to party. When one of them gets married, they plan a Vegas road trip to celebrate.

The Hangover chicken in the hotel room

The next morning becomes…rough. They wake up with no real memories of the previous night. The hotel room is trashed and there’s even a real tiger in the bathroom.

The hangover alan and the baby

They find a baby but one of the friends is missing. They have to find him before the wedding but trying to figure out their steps will be their only hope. And they might not like what they’ll find.

The hangover police tasing scene

Overall The Hangover was almost as good as I expected. It’s just a really good comedy especially for any (not me) who had some wild nights. I will probably see the next two movies.


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3 thoughts on “The Hangover (2009 Film) Review

  1. OMG there are some funny bits for sure. It isn’t really my kinda movie, but he forced me to watch it and I actually enjoyed it! 😀

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