Death at a Funeral (2007 Film) Review

Death at a Funeral movie poster 2007 British original Frank Oz

I think I’ve heard of Death at a Funeral a few years ago thanks to Peter Dinklage getting really famous due to Game of Thrones. There’s actually two versions of the movie, one was the American remake and the other is this British original.

Death at a Funeral British original Matthew Macfadyen Keeley Hawes Frank Oz

The story starts out rather typical. The patriarch of a British family dies, and they have a standard English funeral for him. And all friends and family for the most part come to attend.

Death at a Funeral Simon starts to hallucinate Alan Tudyk

And almost everyone at the funeral has their own baggage or faults. There’s a lot of family drama that comes out at all the wrong moments. There’s plenty of crazy family members. And some of the most normal people have some bad fortunes happened to them such as accidentally ingesting hallucinogens.

Death at a Funeral British original Peter staring Peter Dinklage

Nothing at the funeral seems to go right, and it doesn’t seem like it could get much worse. But a strange American midget that nobody recognizes shows up. What he tells the eldest son will make the day far worse.

Death at a Funeral British original 2007 Frank Oz Peter Dinklage Peter admits he's gay

Overall, the British original of Death at a Funeral was a little disappointing. It’s a bit predictable and not quite as funny as I expected. I’m glad I’ve seen it, but I might forget about the movie entirely in a few decades. But in the future, I will most likely give the American remake a chance.

Score: B-

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