A Thousand Words (2012 Film) Review

A thousand words movie poster Eddie Murphy

I didn’t know A Thousand Words existed until my mother started watching it when I was over her house one day. I didn’t plan on watching it, but before I knew it I was already watching it too. After investing so much time, I had to watch it until it was over.

A thousand words Jack McCall Starbucks cell phone Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy plays Jack McCall, a literary agent who doesn’t like to read. Despite that, he’s quite successful at landing book deals. But he often uses deceit to land big book deals.

 Dr. Sinja a thousand words self-help Guru Cliff Curtis

Jack McCall gets over his head when he tries to land a book deal with a self-help guru named Dr. Sinja. Seeing that Jack has moral flaws, he agrees to the book deal. But hands Jack a book with only five pages.

A thousand words Jack McCall Magic Tree Eddie Murphy

Things get strange when Jack sees a magical tree in his yard. He realizes that leaves fall off every time he says a word. The guru says that if all the leaves fall off, Jack will most likely be dead. Being a fast talker and constant exaggerator, Jack might not make it even a day.

A thousand words Eddie Murphy phone not being able to talk Jack McCall

A Thousand Words overall is a decent movie. What makes it better than it probably would be, is the comedic talent of Eddie Murphy. It is predictable, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Score: B-

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