Things I Like: Trunks (Dragon Ball Super)

Goku black Saga trunks Powers up Super Sayan so Goku can use Instant Transmission

Trunks didn’t get a lot of good time in Dragon Ball Super, but he had a decent role in the sequel series.

Dragon Ball super Goten and Trunks vs Frieza Japan anime

He does spend too much time in the series just goofing off with Goten.

Dragon Ball super kid trunks Mai Emperor pilaf

I did think it was cute that he had a crush on Mai.

Dragon Ball super Frieza Saga Resurrection f Gotenks Saiyan

He does become Gotenks when they fuse against Lord Beerus and Frieza.

Gotenks vsCaptain Ginyu Dragon Ball super Resurrection F Saga Frieza Japan anime

Which he failed most of the time.

Dragon Ball super kid Trunks and Mai Future Trunks back from the future

I did think it was funny, that he had no idea that Future Trunks existed. How Vegeta or Bulma didn’t tell him before is a mystery to me.

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